Friday, December 08, 2006

Questions and Answer Session

1) I heard from my friends by using a ceiling fan especially in an air conditioned environment, the ceiling fan actually lowers the surroundding temperature.
If that is really the case, then why bother pay more than a thousand to get an air con. In actual fact, a ceiling fan creates a wind chill effect as air moves over your skin, enhancing evaporation off our skin. It is the same feeling when we are driving and opening the window. But bear in mind, ceiling fans are for us, not for our furniture, so please remember to switch off your ceiling fans when u leave the room. Your furniture cannot appreicate the wind chill effect.

Craftmade Warbirds Glamorous Glen Ceiling Fan
Model: CF-WB448GG
**not avaialbe in Singapore yet

2) Why at times when i on the ceiling fan i do feel the wind chill effect?
This kind of situation occurs when the surrounding temperature is higher than our body temperature. This applies to any fans. The fan will be blowing the 'hotter' air onto your skin. This is why people are still buying air conditioners and the air conditioners manufactuers are still surviving. Nevertheless, having a ceiling fan in an air conditioned environments helps.

3) Is it true that a ceiling fan will conserve energy?
Nope. A ceiling fan uses energy just like any other electrical appliances. But when used with in an air conditioned environment, it will lower your bills on the air conditioning portion. As the
ceiling fan creates a wind chill effect, you will feel colder. Thus you can set the temperature higher for your air con, saving energy.
And also at times, where u just need to enjoy the wind or u feel the air needs some circulation, operating a ceiling fan is more economical than an air con.
Lastly, if your living room is too big, having a ceiling fan will assist the cold air distribution or circulation. Thus you no longer to face the complains from your friends that your living room takes too long to cool or some areas feel warmer than another.

4) Will it look ugly if i will to install a ceiling fan in my home?
You should look at the ceiling fan as a decorative feature in your fan. U should first choose the design that suits your home the best. If needed, a suitable light kit to combine with the fan.
There are different kinds of fan designs in the market ranging from traditional to comtemporary to exlcusive designers.

MinkaAire Aero Ceiling
Model: #MF-F804-BN
** not available in Singapore yet.

5) How should i go about choosing my ceiling fans?
Firstly, u should choose the fan design that suits u and your home. It need not be the same model through out.

Secondly, determine which rooms have higher usage. Choose the better fan models to be in the rooms with higher usage. Bedrooms usually have longer hours of usage so you would need a more durable fan with quiet operation.

Thirdly, choose the colour that matches your surrounding.
Lastly, decide if u want to stick to the pull string, install a regulator or buy a remote control.
5) Which is better? pull string? regulator? remote control?
Pull string usually comes together with the ceiling fan while regulator and remote control are optional @ additonal cost. In terms on lasting issue, a regulator is recommended, but if u are having both fan and light, you will need 2 electrical powerpoint points. U can ask your electrican to do this. If u want to save trouble, then getting a remote control will solve the problem. But as remote control are easily dropped or damage, u might need to change it often. SO please do take care of your remote control.
In general, if u are renovating your home, choose the regulator and light switch on the wall.
If u are staying there or you have false ceiling concealing your electrical cables, then choose between pull string or remote control.
If u feel walking from your bed to the fan swtich or reaching up to pull the fan string will consume too much of your precious energy, then PLEASE! choose the remote control.
6) So just how much energy do a ceiling fan uses?
On average, a ceiling fan uses 10 watts to 100 watts. The motors used by the manufactuers are of higher quality and efficiency as compared to the past. Nevertheless, there are still different grades of motor available in the market.
7) Where are the motors made from?
These days, most motors are from Taiwan. The Taiwan manufactuers have a good reputation of producing high quality motors. There are still some prestige brands that still manufactuer their own motors instead of OEM.
Generally, some still viewed motors produce by General Electric, Casablanca and Emerson as one of the best in the market.

8) What are the available kind of motors in the market?

The motor is the main component of a ceiling fan. It can be identified by the diameter and height of the motor.

Perfomance Grade: High quality, durable and quiet motors. For continous use of long hours. This is also known as Stack Motor. These models of fans are very expensive and used by prestige manufactuers.

Medium Grade: Just differ slightly from the Performance Grade. This kind of motor is widely use by most reputable manufactuers. They are usually known as 188 motor or 188 Super Motor or 188mm.
U can know it by the shape of the motor (pancake). These fans are suitable for usage of 12hrs or less daily. Suitable for most users.

Lastly there are the Economy Grade. Known as 153mm, also having the pancake shaped design. Suitable for 8hrs daily use.

9) Does the bearings make a difference?
Yupz. Doubled Sealed and lubricated-for-life high grade bearings are better of than those bearings that rotate in oil baths. Those in oil baths requires regularly maintanance.

10) Does the number of capacitors make a difference?
Yes. Capacitors are used to control the speed of the fan. Better quality fans come with a capacitor for each of the speed. For example, a ceiling fan with Low, Medium and High speed should have 3 capacitors instead of just me.

11) In general, what should i be looking for when choosing a ceiling fan?

Design. Choose a fan and light kit to match your house decoration.
Good motor. Generally the better the motor, the more expensive is the ceiling fan.
Bearings. Choose double sealed bearings.
Capacitors. Go for multiple capacitors.
Brand. A reliable brand that prefably have the actual agent in Singapore or has a very reputable history in ceiling fan manufacturing.

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