Thursday, February 02, 2006

Example of a HDB with Ceiling Fans and Light Kits

-This is an example of a HDB home with a 52" ceiling fan on both the living area and dining area.
-Notice the fan is using the 3" extended rod that comes together with the fan.
-The owner has chosen a 'slim' motor housing design and simple '4' light kit. In this way, the fan with the light kit do not 'drop' too low.
-The owner has positioned his fan excellently. It is very close to his sofa.

-Noticed the second fan for the dining room. It is positioned slight away from the dining table but still relatively close.
-Some owners do it this way because they do not like the fan to 'blow' their food cold. While others do it because of design.
-For both the fans, it has light kit attached. The '4' light kit provides the necessary brightness especially when using energy saving bulbs. The downlights in this case act as supporting lights.
-U can actually see the ceiling fans are one of the home accessories.

1) Pictures courtesy of Revive Home.