Friday, January 06, 2006

Types of Fans by Style

There are many kinds of fans in the market.

Currently in Singapore, the fans can be divided in 3 main groups based on style

For example, ELMARK AC4054 (bottom) This 54 in' model comes with a light kit and remote control.

For example, ELMARK ELM2000 (middle)
This 48 in' model also comes with light kit and remote control.

For example, ELMARK ES803 (top)
This 52 in' model comes in various colour. It is currently one of ELMARK models with more than the usual colours of white, silver and AB.
This model also has 'double side blade'. In other words, the blades have a different colour on the reverse side. Up to you to choose.
The light kit and remote control are optional.

Surely there is always the traditional style.