Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Choosing the RIGHT mounting system

Many HDB owners are unsure whether the ceiling fan will make their home look too low.
On average, HDB homes have a ceiling height of 9 feet.
( to be accurate, u can use a measuring tape to measure for your home )
while a private apartment or the highest floor in a HDB flat will have an average of 10 feet.
Due to the fact that there are different ceiling height for different homes, manufactuers introduced different mounting systems and optional extended rod.

Flush Mount:
The fan basically mounted to the ceiling without the use of any extended rod. Most fans can be installed in this manner. But manufactuers do have models that are catered specially for this kind of mounting. If your ceiling height is 8 feet or less, u might want to consider having FLUSH mount.

Standard Mount:
ELMARK provides a 3 inches rod together with their fans. This will drop the fan slightly down. This is suitable for ceiling height of 9 feet. (HDB averge height)

Extended Mount:
As the recommeded height from the floor to the base of the fan blade is 8 feet for efficient operation. Those homes with tall ceilings will have to purchase an extended rod (additional cost). U can easily calculate the length of the extended rod needed by using this formulae
Ceiling height - 8 - height of the motor (*all measurements in feet or inches)

Sloped Mount:
This kind of situation occurs more commonly for landed properties or private homes with attics where a sloped beam or angled ceiling exists.